What I Do

With church board approval, I work for and with the pastor over a three-month, six-month, or nine-month consultation schedule.

Three-Month Schedule

We will meet five to six times over the course of three months, each meeting lasting approximately an hour. At the end of the three months, I will provide a report with ideas for you to prayerfully consider for your church. Cost: $3,000

six-month schedule

Three-month schedule plus 12, one-on-one consulting sessions with the pastor, to offer insights into their leadership and the church they are leading. Cost: $6,000

nine-month schedule

Six-month schedule plus my personal guidance on prayerfully implementing the recommendations contained in my report. Cost: $9,000

Other Fees

  • Demographic and psychographic report of your church's neighborhood: $300

  • Know Your Church report (approx. 30-page survey of the congregation): $300

  • Travel expenses for my wife and I to travel outside 50 miles of the South Bend, IN area.

Is money tight?

If you feel my services may be cost-prohibitive, let's talk. I'm happy to discuss modified fees or payment arrangements.

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Norm Fuller